Micropipette Puller

PMP-102 Micropipette Puller


  • One touch two identical pipettes every time
  • 25 saved programmable sequences
  • Optical-digital measurement
  • 22 manufacture preset sequences
  • Pull different patch clamping, intracellular electrodes, injection micropipettes and microneedles
  • Microprocessor real-time controlled system performs programmable multipulling steps, optical-digital measurement and precise digital feedback heating control to achieve exceptional repeatability
  • Consistent pulling force by utilizing pneumatic pressure instead of gravity or magnetic field
  • Extra length PMP-102L can pull up to 120 mm for the taper and tip

The PMP102 is a state of the art microprocessor controlled pipette puller. The PMP102 is designed to pull a pipette horizontally to produce two identical pulled micropipettes. Different kinds of pipettes can be pulled repeatedly by the preset program sequences. There are varied micropipettes can be produced such as patch clamp electrodes, intracellular electrodes, injection micropipette and micro-needles by manufactory preset sequences. To achieve these versatility and the higher degree of reproducibility, many advanced technologies are applied on the PMP102:

Exclusive Optical-Digital Taper Measurement

Instead of mechanical tip length setting from other pipette puller, there is an exclusive optical-digital ruler in the PMP102 to perform precise taper length setting, real-time measurement and controlling. With this feature, a user can handle taper pulling very precisely and easily. Equipped with a powerful computerize tip sensing function, the puller can automatically finish the tip pulling. It gives the user a quick reference to pull an ideal tip.

Computerize Real-Time Feedback Heater Control

Inside the PMP102, there is an advanced microcontroller to perform real-time heater monitoring and controlling. If a heating level is selected and preset, the microcontroller will measure the actual heating power during heating power on. The measurement is real-time displayed and feedback to the control unit to match the set point dynamically. As a result, the puller always provides precise heating power, despite of many times of pipette pulling or thermal/electrical characteristic changing. If the heating level is set to AUTO, the heater will automatically search the melting point for different glass pipettes. Under a microcomputer controlling, the heater is smart and reliable.

Programmable and Savable Sequences for Creation and Reproduction

There are 25 manufacture/user programmable and savable pulling sequences with 18 steps in each sequence. Users can easily program different pipette tip size, tip length and tip shape in different sequence for different application. Time and length count, heat level, heat control and action parameters can be individually set in each step. After a special sequence setting up, a double identical micropipettes will be automatically produced by just pressing the START button on the PMP102.

Pneumatic Pulling Force and Very Compact Size

Comparing with other pipette puller using gravity or magnetic field as pulling force, the PMP102 apply precise controlled pneumatic pressure as the pulling force, which gives more controllable, even and consistent dragging characteristics. With a double horizontal pulling, the PMP102 can pull two identical ideal injection tips or microelectrode tips at the same time. Within a very compact size, the PMP102 can precisely and automatically perform multistep pulling without manual interrupt. A precision micro-linear ball bearing rail and advanced pneumatic components are used to provide no fault pulling movement. A simple 4x4 keypad and full information display LCD let users control easily and read all pulling parameters directly, which include sequences, steps, time, timing, heater level, heater control, tip length and actions. The heater power control and acting time count up or count down are real-time displayed. With versatility of the intelligent PMP102, pulling an ideal micropipette is no longer an uncertainty of hand skill, but a reproducible automatic processing.

Manufacture Preset Programs for Major Different pipette pulls

The PMP102 pipette puller is well tested and pre-installed with a number of different pipette pulling programs. A user can easily find out a right sample picture or the closest characteristic from the sequence list on the User’s Manual. Select the corresponding sequence and just pressing the START key, a desired pipette will be pulled automatically. The preset programs are convenient and important not only because they can pull many different pipettes, but also they can be used as templets to produce new programs. With the copy function and just a few modifications from an exist sequence, a new customize sequence program can be configured to fit a special requirement. As many as 22 sequences are developed and preset to the PMP102 by spending a lot of time and expertise. These preset sequences are so important that users will save their time and pipettes without numerous pulling tries.

Optional Microforge Control

Since a good microforge also needs precise heater controlled power and air jet, the PMP102 just has perfect features to satisfy this requirement. There is an optional output connector on the PMP102 rear panel which supplies computerized heater power. A user can easily set heat grade for a microforge heater as well as for the puller heater. The connector also supplies power for microforge illumination light. There areoptional pressure output connector and foot switch connectors in the front panel, which can output adjustable pressure air to an optional microforge for holding pipette tip polishing, shaping or heater cooling. Both microforge heater and air jet can be controlled by foot switches as well as key pad on the PMP102 front panel. With the precise heater power supply, light power supply and adjustable air pressure supply from the PMP102, a combinational microforge can be built with less cost, more portable but more features.

Micropipette Samples Pulled from Preset Sequences:


Pipette Single barrel, 1mm-2.5mm O.D. borosilicate or aluminosilicate glass capillary tubing
Pulling force Pneumatic
Heater Nichrome coil
Heater control Microcontrollor
Heating 76 general heat levels (24-99), 54 automatic heat levels (45-98).
Number of sequences 25
Steps of each sequence 18
Taper length setting 0.5 - 20 mm
Pressure 1 regulator 0.1 - 10 psi
Pressure 2 regulator 0.1 - 60 psi
Cool air pressure 0.5 - 30 psi, adjustable
Pressure gas input 30 - 60 psi
Actions Pull 1, Pull 2, Pull 2/Cool, Cool Air and Return.
Display 20x4 LCD
Heater power output Optional
Light power output Optional
Pressure air output Optional
Foot switch connector Optional two (Heat Stop, Air Out)
Power output Heater supply, 12VAC
Power input 110 / 240 VAC
Power consumption Maximum 150 watts
Dimension 18"L x 8"W x 11"H
Weight 23 lbs.


Spare heat coil, Tweezers, 22 preset sequences and samples, Input tubing and connector, Power cord, User’s manual