Microforge and Microgrinder

FG-5S and FG-5 Micro-Grinding Center


Core features:

  • Build-in interchangeable from heater to grinder both directions in just 1 sec.
  • Usage: Pipette polishing, shaping, tipping, bending, beveling, and grinding
  • Precise movements for pipette/heater/grinder optical focus
  • Universal pipette holder up to 7 barrel pipettes and 0-180° beveling
  • Up to 800x magnification and scale; distant working lens
  • Adjustable grinder speed and heat level
  • High power background and side LED lights for clear and sharp image
  • Foot switches for heater and grinder control
  • Syringe and special tubing for wet grinding and pressure air cleaning

The MFG Microforge-Grinding Center series are a creation design for  micropipette/multipipette tip total modification. It combines a precision microforge and a microgrinder in a horizontal microscope compact platform.  It can be used for micropipette tip polishing, shaping, tipping, bending, breaking, bevelling and grinding. It is an ideal micropipette/multipipette tip modify center.  The platform of  MFG Microforge-Grinding Center is made from a high power horizontal binocular microscope. A precision optical focus system with 2-axial micromanipulation pipette holder can  handle a single pipette or a multipipette conveniently and precisely. The pipette holders is 180 degree turnable for different angle bevelling, pipette bending or polishing. 

In the MFG-5 model, another 2-axial micromanipulator controls combination of a platinum mini heater and a microgrinder which are side by side together.  Turning the manipulator horizontally will select the heater or grinder to the working position,  also switch their power supply automatically.

Both models have a foot switch and heat/speed level adjusting dial knob which control the heater or grinder operating. There are two special super bright LEDs. One is an adjustable  powerful back light , another is constant side light for a clear contour image. The MFG Microforge-Grinding Center is designed with compact structure  and precision control circuitry. The Microforge-Grinding Center use high quality optical components which include 10x or 20x wide field eyepieces and long working distance plan achromatic  4x, 10x/0.25,  40x/0.6 objectives. The 10x wide field scale eyepiece gives user another accurate measurement tool. Besides heater/grinder control, another optional foot switch connector can be added for pressure air control. Outside pressure air can be input to the Microforge-Grinding Center and can be switched output to a tubing by stepping on the foot switch.  The pressure air output can be used for clearing a pipette dust after grinding or expanding or cooling  a pipette during pipette forging. A syringe and special connector  tubing will come with the microgrinder for wed grinding.

For different application, the MFG-5 Microforge-Grinding Center can be purchased separately and can be upgraded. The model with microforge only is MF-5, while the model with microgrinder only is MG-5. The model with adding pressure air valve inside and foot switch outside is MFG-5A. As a convenient and precision micropipette tip microforge/microgrinder, the MFG-5can be combined with a PMP-102 or a PMP-107 micropipette/multipipette puller to compose of a complete and ideal micropipette production work station. The M-1C model is a monocular microscope base microforge. The M-1 is economic model which is designed to using PMP-102M or PMP-107M power supply.


Body Horizontal Monocular microscope.
Eyepiece 16x, Optional 10x Scaled.
Objective lenses 4x, 10x/0.25, Optional: 25x,Long Working Distance
Light Two super bright white LEDs adjustable back ground light
Pipette movement Two-axial manipulator and coarse-fine focusing adjustment
Heater/grinder movement Two-axial manipulator with dimensional adjustment.
Pipette holder 180 degree turnable for multipipette holding
Heater N/A
Microgrinder One coarsegrinder and one fine with seperated precision micromotors
Air in/output Optional air jet foot switch, tubing and connector
Accessory One foot switch. Optional one Syringe with special connector
Power Supply 30W, 120/240VAC