Wireless Mouse Control Micromanipulator

3D Joystick Hydraulic Micromanipulator

Complete Cell Microinjection Work Station

Inverted Microscope with Three Dimensions 3D Joystick Hydraulic Micromanipulators for precision control of the micro-pipettes

  • 3 Dimensions 3D Hydraulic Joystick Micromanipulators moving stages
  • Ultra-long working distance plan achromatic objective
  • Wide field eye piece and phase contrast attachment
  • C-mounted adaptor for video camera or digital camera conncetion


Magnification 100x - 400x, infinite tube length & conjugate distance of objective
Trinocular Hinged binocular tube, observation angle 30 degree, pupil distance 53-75 mm
Eyepieces Supper view wide field eyepieces:10x, F:22mm, interface:30mm, D:10mm. Optional WF20x
Objectives Long working distance plan achromatic objectives (cover glass thick:1.2mm):5x,10xNA0.25WD4.3mm, 20x-NA0.4WD8mm, 40x-NA0.6WD3.5, phase contrast objective:10x-NA0.25 WD4.3 (Remark PHP2)
Condenser Long working distance condenser: working distance 55mm, turnplace phase contrast. Size:220x220mm Movement
Object Stage range:77x134mm, precision wire control movement. Holder 1: 29x77.5mm, circular dish
Dish Holder D68.5mm. Holder 2: 34x77.5mm, circular dish D68.5mm. Holder 3: 57x 82mm. Optional for circular dish D35mm or D50mm
Focus Adjusting Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension adjustable and focus stop
Illumination 6V30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness
Weight/Dimention 45 LB, 15” W x 20” D x 27” H