Quartz Glass Micropipette Puller

PMP-102Q Quartz Glass Pipette Puller

Programmable Quartz Glass Micropipette Puller

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  • Pull fused quartz, fused silica glass micropipette with regular cooking butane gas
  • High efficient micro torch with precision flame control without focusing problem
  • 99 Programmable sequences with up to 18 steps for each sequence
  • Precise tip length setting with horizontal symmetric double pull

  • Quartz glass (fused quartz, fused silica) pipette has much lower dissipation factor and dielectric constant than that of other glass. Quartz pipette tip is much stronger than other glass too. In another words, the quartz pipette tip can be less noise in the patch clamp recording and not easy to break the tip when penetrating tough tissue. If these better electrical characteristics and better physical features of a glass pipette tip is the critical point of your application, you need pulled quartz pipettes or quartz glass pipette puller. The PMP-102Q is just developed and designed to pull quartz glass pipette. With very successful technique and features designed from PMP-102 Programmable Micropipette Puller, the PMP- 102Q is continually adopted the advanced microcomputer control optical ruler measurement, heat control and pneumatic pulling force for the quartz glass pipette pulling. Another bright point of the PMP-102Q is using regular cooking butane gas as heating source instead of using expensive and complicate laser heating source. The butane flame is optimal controlled by the PMP-102Q and well fit in a convenient and compact platform. With total savable 99 programmable sequences, the flame, pull force, pulling distance, timing can set and programmed in up to 18 different steps in each sequence. There are sample sequences which are preset by MDI experts spending numerous practices and experience. A regular cooking butane tank can be used for long time and easy to use as operating a butane cooking stove. Without the focusing problem in a laser heater, the PMP-102Q can pull pipette from micrometer OD to 1.2 mm OD quartz glass pipette, or can handle more pulling steps without a focusing problem. The PMP-102Q is a practical, compact, precise control and reliable new quartz glass pipette puller.