PMFP-Programmable Multichannel Microfluidic Pump

  • Multichannel pressure outputs with versatile capabilities and compact size for microfluidic solution driving
  • Up to eight independent pressure output channels plus one adjustable vacuum suction output channel
  • Programmable and savable timers and automatic multistep sequences. Adjustable nine output pressures, one suction vacuum and savable readings
  • Nine independent synchronize signal outputs, trigger and interrupt signal input and trigger/interrupt foot switch
  • Convenient full function control key pad and remote port for remote key pad and computer interface

The PMFP Programmable Multichannel Microfluidic Pump is designed to drive solution for variers microfluidic devices, microfluidic logics, flow cells and microfluidic chips applications. Up to eight pressure outputs and one suction vacuum output can be controlled separately or with different channels combination together to perform actions such as output different pressures and suction, different timing and different automatic sequences.

There are up to nine individual regulators for adjustments of eight channel output pressure and one suction vacuum. An LCD provides full information display such as pressure, vacuum, time, sequence steps and actions. During pressure mode, all pressure readings are savable for next time repeat operation. The previous pressure reading can be recalled on the LCD for new pressure setup comparison.

The PMFP provides programmable timers for every independent output control. The PMFP also provide different sequence step time to deliver accurate timing and duration for each step channels action. The PMFP allows the user to operate manually or automatically multistep sequences running which are designed by user. There are 15 savable sequences with 20 programmable steps in each sequence. They can be used to perform and repeat different sequential pressure outputs precisely and automatically. Also, the sequential step cycles can be automatically performed or triggered each step manually. All preset timers, pressure reading memory and sequential steps are saved even turn off the power. The PMFP is capable to perform repeatable experiments at anytime.

An attached foot switch can trigger preset sequence steps or be used as an interrupt trigger during output actions. An optional remote keyboard give the user another convenient tool to control the whole operation. The remote key board port can be interfaced with a computer control. The exceptional versatility and precise multi-output pressure control are the hallmark of the PMFP.


Output Channels Eight injection / perfusion outputs, one synchronized drain out and one cell hold channel
Line Voltage 100, 120, or 240 VAC
Power Consumption 40 Watts
Input Gas Pressure 30 - 93 psi
Pressure Output 0.2-90 psi (regulated)
Vacuum Output 0-13 psi (regulated) (0"-25" Hg regulated)
Repeatability +/- 0.1 psi
Display Resolution +/- 0.1 psi for Pressure
Timer Setting Range 0.01 sec - 327.66 sec (0.01 sec resolution for whole range) to EXTEND or 0-Manual Control
Stored Sequences 15 Programmable sequences.
Steps Per Sequence 20 Programmable steps
Remote Control Remote DB9 connector, foot
Ports Switch Jack and Trigger BNC for Negative TTL input.
Output Synchro 8 BNCs for Pressure output port P1-P8 with positive TTL (0-5V) signals out. One BNC for Vacuum suction output port P9 with negative TTL signal (5V-0) output
Working Temperature 4 C - 43 C (39F - 105F)
Computer Interface DB9 Connector with technical Code reference