Borosilicate Glass Capillary - 1mm OD, 0.58mm ID w/filament:
UP-1 Unpulled single pipette/500
UP-4 Unpulled 4-Barrel pipette
UP-7 Unpulled 7-Barrel Pipette
PP-1 Pulled Single Barrel Pipette
PP-4 Pulled 4-Barrel Pipette
PP-7 Pulled 7-Barrel Pipette
Borosilicate Glass Capillary - 1.2mm OD, 0.69mm ID:
UP-7-1.2 Unpulled 7-Barrel Pipette
PP-7-1.2 Pulled 7-Barrel Pipette
Borosilicate Glass Capillary - 1.5mm OD, 0.84mm ID:
UP-3-1.5 Unpulled 3-Barrel Pipette
UP-7-1.5 Unpulled 7-Barrel Pipette
PP-3-1.5 Pulled 3-Barrel Pipette
PP-7-1.5 Pulled 7-Barrel Pipette
Pipette Holders:
Single Pipette Holder
HOLD-4 4-Barrel Pipette Holder
HOLD-7 7-Barrel Pipette Holder
Output Connector with:
2 mm O.D. Teflon tubing
OP-2A 1.8 mm O.D. Teflon tubing
OP-2B 2.2 mm O.D. Teflon tubing
Output connector, tubing with:
4.5 ml top in/out vial
OP-10 10 ml top in/out vial
OP-30 30 ml top in/out vial
OV-1.5 1.5ml top in/bottom out vial (without tubing)
OV-5/10 5 c.c. or 10 c.c. top in/bottom out vial
OV-30 30 c.c. top in/bottom out vial
IP-1 Input Connector & 6'Tubing
HUSKY Y1010 Air compressor with 1.75 gallon tank, PM/PMP adaptor and tubing
SENCO PC1010 Air compressor with 1 gallon tank, PM/PMP adaptor and tubing
Adjustable high and direction magnetic stand with:
OV-1.5 vial bracket
STB-5 OV-5 vial bracket
STB-10 OV-10 vial bracket
STB-30 OV-30 vial bracket
STT-30 20x OP-30 standing tray
5x OP-4.5 vial holder
STB-4.5x8 8x OP-4.5 vial holder
Device Accessories:
PM-KP Remote Key Pad
FSW Foot Switch
MOUSE-1 Remote mouse for PM1000
MOUSE-2 Remote mouse for PM2000,PM6000,PM8000
RK-1 Rack Mounted Kit & handle for PM1000 or PM2000
RK-2 Rack Mounted Kit & handle for PM6000 or PM8000
Heat coil for PMP-102
HC-7 Heat coil for PMP-107
HC-7L Heat coil for PMP-107L
HC-F Platinum heat filament for MF-3 microforg
IMS-01 Inverted Microscope
Microscope Accessories:
Mounting bracket for micromanipulators
CM-1 C-mount adaptor for video camera
CM-2 C-mount adaptor w/focusadjust for eyepiece
CD-1 Coolpix digital camera
CP-1 4x focusing photo attachment
CP-2 2.5x/4x change over photo attachment
Camera: Coolpix digital camera, 35mm photo camera, CCD camera for c-mount