Microinjector (Picospritzer Replacement)

PM8000 Programmable 8-Channel Injector

  • Complete capabilities for microinjection and perfusion
  • Up to eight inject/perfusion outputs, one hold cell output and one synchronized drain out channel
  • Programmable and savable timers, counters and step sequences
  • Convenient manual control or automatic sequential step cycle operation
  • Brighter screen for total pressures and programming information display

The PM 8000 Programmable 8-Channel Pressure Injector is designed for single to eight channel intracellular injection and extracellular perfusion. It is an excellent microinjection and perfusion engine for pharmacological drug testing, molecular biological DNA, RNA transferring, intracytoplasmic sperm injection and cell electrophysiological applications. Combining an advanced microcontroller and precise pneumatic components, the PM 8000 can simultaneously control up to eight injection micropipettes or eight perfusion vials and one cell holding pipette and one drain pipette.

The eight injection/perfusion output ports can be controlled separately or combined together to perform actions such as injection, capillary action balancing, suction or clear up. The cell holding output port can produce an adjusted gentle suction to hold a cell or eject a pressure to push a cell or completely clear the holding pipette. Another drain output port can simultaneously produce an adjusted suction to drain and clear out liquid before next channel microperfusion. The PM8000 can deliver different quantity agents and drugs from picolitters to continued perfusion.

All output pressures and vacuums are regulatable and can be real-time displayed on a bright fluorescent screen. Previous pressure readings can also be recovered on the display screen for setting comparison.

Besides programmable timers and counters, there are 16 programmable and savable injection/perfusion sequences with 32 programmable steps in each sequence. Each sequence can be repeated continually or triggered manually. The interval time between steps can be programmed for automatic sequential cycle or manual trigger.

There are two foot switch connectors for sequential step trigger and injection trigger. A digital remote port can be connected to an optional remote key pad, or be controlled by a computer. With exceptional versatility and extremely precise control, the PM8000 is an ideal multichannel injection / perfusion engine.


Output Channels Eight injection / perfusion outputs, one synchronized drain out and one cell hold channel
Input Gas Pressure 30 - 100 psi
Clearing Pressure Same as input pressure
Clear Hold Pressure 0-3 psi (regulated)
Injection Pressure 0.05 - 60 psi ( regulated )
Balance Pressure 0.05 - 10 psi ( regulated )
Fill Vacuum 0" - 24" Hg ( regulated )
Hold Vacuum 0" - 30" of water (regulated )
Drain Vacuum 0" - 30" of water ( regulated )
Repeatability +/- 0.02 psi
Display Accuracy +/- 0.05 psi for pressure, +/- 0.2" for vacuum (<2" H2O).
Timer Setting Range 0 msec - 327.67 sec. (10 msec. Resolution for whole range).
Counter Setting Range 1 - 255
Savable Sequences 16 sequences
Programmable Steps 32 steps for each sequence.
Remote Control Ports DB9 connector for remote key pad, foot switch jack and BNC for negative TTL trigger, a jack connector for injection foot switch.
Signal Output Ports Eight BNCs for injection signal on output port 1-4.
Power Consumption 100, 120 or 220 VAC, 35 Watts