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MDI is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of scientific instruments since 1991. We are the world leader in programmable Microinjectors, Multi-barrel Pipette Pullers, Micromanipulators, Microforge, and Microfluidic. Our customers can be referenced in major research facility world wide. We take excellent care of our customer's need and provide tools needed for their research. We even customized tools for specific need in advance research. MDI is proud to serve our customer with cutting edge technology, enabling time saved, precision, and quality results.

Wireless Mouse Control Micromanipulator

Complete set of Inverted Microscope with Three Dimensions 3D wireless mouse control Micromanipulators for precision control of the micro-pipettes and microinjector


  • (IMS-03) Precision Inverted Microscope platform
  • (MCM-01) Wireless Mouse Control Micromanipulators
  • (PM2000) Programmable Cell Microinjector
  • Ultra-long working distance plan achromatic objective
  • Wide field eye piece and phase contrast attachment
  • C-mounted adaptor for video camera or digital camera conncetion
  • Provides a complete full setup needed for Cell Microinjection

New Product MFG-5P & MFG-5APT Digital Camera

Microforge Grinding Center

Core features:

  • Build-in interchangeable from heater to grinder both directions in just 1 second
  • Usage: Pipette polishing, shaping, tipping, bending, beveling, and grinding
  • Precise movements for pipette/heater/grinder optical focus
  • Universal pipette holder up to 7 barrel pipettes and 0-180° beveling
  • Up to 800x magnification and scale; distant working lens
  • Adjustable grinder speed and heat level
  • High power background and side LED lights for clear and sharp image
  • Foot switches for heater and grinder control
  • Syringe and special tubing for wet grinding and pressure air cleaning

PMP-102Q Quartz Glass Pipette Puller

Programmable Quartz Glass Micropipette Puller

  • Pull fused quartz, fused silica glass micropipette with regular cooking butane gas
  • High efficient micro torch with precision flame control without focusing problem
  • 99 Programmable sequences with up to 18 steps for each sequence
  • Precise tip length setting with horizontal symmetric double pull

PMFP Programmable Multi-Channel Microfluidic Pump

  • Multichannel pressure outputs with versatile capabilities and compact size for microfluidic solution driving
  • Up to eight independent pressure output channels plus one adjustable vacuum suction output channel
  • Programmable and savable timers and automatic multistep sequences. Adjustable nine output pressures, one suction vacuum and savable readings
  • Nine independent synchronize signal outputs, trigger and interrupt signal input and trigger/interrupt foot switch
  • Convenient full function control key pad and remote port for remote key pad and computer interface