Multi-Channel Digital Recorder

DT-1600 (16 Ch) Programmable DAT Recorder

  • Record and playback 16 channels of analog data on one Digital Audio Tape
  • Five programmable channel recording modes
  • Four programmable gains for each channel
  • Real- time frame mark, trigger mark and a rich variety of subcode recording
  • Character message recording (Exclusive Electronic Notebook Function)
  • Extra digital voice channel recording
  • Digital meters and gain indicators for each channel

The DT - 1600 is a sophisticated 16-channel recording system which can simultaneously record up to 16 different analog signals and convert them to digital data stored on a DAT tape and playback with recovering analog signals. Comprised of 16-channel signal processor unit and a modified DAT(Digital Audio Tape) recorder, the DT-1600 employs DAT technology and advanced data processing circuitry to perform multichannel recording.

There are total five different recording modes in the DT-1600: 16-channel mode 1 (even bandwidth of dc-3kHz for all 16 channels). 16-channel mode 2 (uneven bandwidth of dc-12kHz for channel 1,2; dc-3kHz for channel 3,4; dc-1.5kHz for channel 5-16). 8-channel mode 3 (even bandwidth of dc-6kHz for first 8 channels). 8-channel mode 4 (uneven bandwidth of dc-12kHz for channel 1,2; dc-6kHz for channel 3,4; dc-3kHz for channel 5-8). 4-channel mode 5 (dc-12kHz for first 4 channels).The uneven bandwidth modes provide the versatility and efficiency to handle multisource frequency signals.

All 16 channels can be individually programmed with four different gains from x1, x10, x50 and x100. Each channel gain can be read on the LCD window and also indicated on the front panel LEDs. A simple and straightforward 4x4 keyboard will preset channel mode, amplifier gains, input digits and characters message. The exclusive Electronic Notebook Function can real-time record/playback and display the message as well as 16 channel signals.

There are two tape mark systems in the DT-1600. One is the Frame/Trigger and Message Mark, another is the DAT Subcode Information Marks. An interior frame clock produces Frame Mark for marking the data frame number from beginning of recording and every mark trigger. External mark triggers input from trigger channel for marking user interested data segments. The DAT Subcode Information will mark the tape with Start IDs, Skip IDs, Program numbers and absolute time count. These information marks are used to quickly locate data and display time during playback. During playback, these ID marks can be edited with the Post Edit function.

The LCD window of the processor unit provides full information display such as channel mode, gain, frame number, trigger number and recorded message during recording and playback. During playback, the DT-1600 will recognize the recorded channel mode of the tape data and automatically switch to the correct playback mode. The digital level meters with eight binary bits can display up to 256 different signal level for each channel. Plus two LEDs indicate four different gain settings for each channel.

Besides 16-channel signal and character message recording, an extra digital voice channel can record voice message during signal data recording. This is a 8-bit resolution digital channel which is total independent of all 16 signal channels.


Sample frequency 96kHz
Number of channels Programmable 4, 8, 16 channels.
Frequency response 4-channel Mode:dc-12kHz(Ch.1-4).
8-channel Mode 1: dc-6kHz(Ch.1-8); Mode 2:dc-12kHz(Ch.1,2),dc-6kHz(Ch.3,4), dc-3kHz(Ch.5-8).
16-channel Mode1:dc-3kHz(Ch.1-16); Mode 2: dc-12kHz(Ch.1,2),dc-3kHz(Ch.3,4), dc-1.5kHz(Ch.5-16)
Quantization 15 bit linear
Signal to noise ratio More than 80 dB
Total noise level Less than 1mV RMS
Dynamic range More than 90 dB
Distortion Less than 0.01%(1 kHz)
Drift +/-0.05% (after 10 minutes warm up by running with one tape)
Channel separation Greater than 80 dB
Filters Butterworth 6-pole lowpass filters and over-sampling, decimation digital filters for each channel.
Gain Programmable x1, x10, x50, x100 (or customer specified) for each channel recording.
Tape Digital Audio Tape (DAT).
Recording head Rotary header
Recording time 120 minutes (with DT-120 tape)
Error correction Double Reed Solomon code
Analog input / output 16 input BNC connectors, +/-10V input range, 100k Ohm input impedance.16 output BNC connectors, +/-10V output range, 200 Ohm output impedance.
Mark trigger input / output Negative TTL trigger signal to trigger input BNC connector. Positive TTL mark output from trigger output BNC.
Digital copy in / out Phono jack, 0.5Vp-p input level, 75 Ohm impedance and optical jack for input. Optical jack: wavelength 660 nm for output.
Computer interface DB25 connector for optional computer interface.
Message recording Exclusive Electronic Character Notebook Function
Independent voice channel Digital 8-bit quantization, 45-3kHz voice frequency responds.
Microphone input Input phono jack for dynamic microphone.
Headphone output Stereo phone jack (32 ohms output impedance).
Power consumption 120 V 60Hz, or 220V 50Hz 85 W
Dimensions 17 x 11 x14 inches
Weight Approximate 30 lb
Remote control Infrared remote control, used 3v dc(two AA batteries).